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hanji zoe is a beautiful human being

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There were some mistranslations with the manga so I fixed them.

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when your otp does the forehead touching thing (◡‿◡✿) (◕‿◕✿)

like that?


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What is it, Mako-chan?

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friendly reminder that Eren blames himself for the deaths at Trost because he couldn’t plug the hole fast enough

friendly reminder that Eren blames himself for the deaths on the expedition because he made the wrong choice

friendly reminder that Eren blames himself for the raid on Stohess being fruitless because he hesitated to fight Annie 

friendly reminder that Eren Jeager is angry all the time because he takes responsibility for everything

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for all your transparent Eren needs

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do you think clouds look down on people and think “that ones shaped like an idiot”

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that’s not how you spoon

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Eren's horse trotted with the rest of the soldiers, Eren walking beside it, rather than riding the stallion. In the 4 months of the expedition, he had grown slightly taller, facial hair becoming more evident, and his hand instead of healing, had begun to show scarification from the multiple bites. He continuously scanned the crowd, trying to pinpoint Hange, before managing to see the messy brunette hair standing out among the crowd. It took all his self control from running over to her right now —asktheangrytitankiller



The woman’s heartbeat increased as the troops reentered the city after months of being away. The soldiers returning were, of course, less than the ones that had left, but that was to be expected. Brown eyes darted around, creating a mental checklist of surviving comrades while searching for a certain teen.


"Ahah! Eren!" Finally, Hange had spotted the young scout and pushed through the crowd to get to him. Instead of hugging him like any normal person, she immediately grabbed his face and mushed it together affectionately as she gushed, "How was it? Did you shift at all? Did you see any cool aberrants?"

He continued to walk, letting Hange walk beside him. “When were alone, we can ‘talk’ about more. Mikasa might not handle it well, the 104th would be in outrage and probably disgust. I’m ready to face anything really. I’ve already been nearly murdered for being a shifter, and have the shit kicked out of me by humanity’s strongest soldier, so if you’re ready, I’m ready. How much you want to bet the 104 tied it between Erwin, Levi, and Moblit?”

The older of the two chuckled. “Levi has actually confronted me about your friends,” She cleared her throat and deepened her voice, “‘If I hear one more stupid brat talk about how they think I knocked you up, I’m throwing one off Wall Maria.’” The Levi impression wasn’t too impressive, but Hange still laughed for a moment before becoming serious once again.


"How much do you want to bet that people are going to think that this is just another experiment?" No matter what, most people were going to think ill thoughts of this child. She felt kind of bad for it, but also hoped that things would die down in time for birth.

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